Namespace Westwind.Utilities.Logging

This topic tree describes the Westwind.Utilities.Logging namespace.

  LogEntry Message object that contains information about the current error information Note: a WebLogEntry specific to Web applications lives in the Westwind.Web assembly.
  LogManager The LogManager provides the top level access to the log and is the public facing interface to the log. It uses an underlying ILogProvider implementation to write to the appropriate log store. which includes Sql Server, Text File, Xml File or EventLog (and can be extended with your own providers) To use you'll need to create an instance of the LogProvider once can call the static Create method. From then on in you can always use the
  LogManagerConfiguration Holds persisted Configuration Management settings that are maintained in the .config file
  SqlLogAdapter Log adapter that writes to a SQL Server Database
  WebLogEntry A Web specific Log entry that includes information about the current Web Request
  LogAdapterTypes Determines what type of log output is created

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