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This topic tree describes the Westwind.Utilities.Data namespace.

  ConnectionStringInfo Used to parse a connection string or connection string name into a the base connection string and dbProvider. If a connection string is passed that's just used. If a ConnectionString entry name is passed the connection string is extracted and the provider parsed.
  DataAccessBase Base Data Access Layer (DAL) for ADO.NET SQL operations. Provides easy, single method operations to retrieve DataReader, DataTable, DataSet and Entities, perform non-query operations, call stored procedures. This abstract class implements most data operations using a configured DbProvider. Subclasses implement specific database providers and override a few methods that might have provider specific SQL Syntax.
  DataTableDynamicExtensions Extends the DataTable to provide access to DynamicDataRow data.
  DynamicDataReader This class provides an easy way to use syntax with a DataReader by wrapping a DataReader into a dynamic object. The class also automatically fixes up DbNull values (null into .NET and DbNUll)
  DynamicDataRow This class provides an easy way to turn a DataRow into a Dynamic object that supports direct property access to the DataRow fields. The class also automatically fixes up DbNull values (null into .NET and DbNUll to DataRow)
  DynamicDataRows Helper class that extends a DataRow collection to be exposed as individual Westwind.Utilities.Data.DynamicDataRow objects
  SqlDataAccess Sql Server specific implementation of the DataAccessBase class to provide an easy to use Data Access Layer (DAL) with single line operations for most data retrieval and non-query operations.

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